Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Night Before Surgery and the Morning of....

Hot, Right?

Pre Surgery MRI - April 26, 2009

I have to admit. The day before this I was a mess. A real mess. Never again will I roll my eyes when someone says they are having an anxiety attack. Now that I have felt it -- wow. Terrible. But on Sunday morning I woke up very peaceful.... and ready to face everything that was to come starting Sunday night with the pre-surgery MRI.

Jrue went to his Dad's house at about 3 - we had to get to Barnes for the pre surgery MRI at 4. The neurologist that was there put these fun little circular things on my forehead before I went into MRI. He explained that they were to map for the surgery. They did the MRI. Note to self - they mean it when they say NO METAL. I had a tiny tiny bit on my hair rubber band. They had to stop the MRI and start over. Woops. I was very uncomfortable with the scan (they scare me now) and it had to be redone after they finished because there was too much movement.

Still not exactly sure what the round things on my head were about. But it was interesting to walk around with them on my face for the rest of the night. Craig and I had a great last night before temporary misery... I will spare everyone the details. lol.

Who shows up late for their Brain Surgery?! and a kiss from the Hubby! - April 27, 2009

Craig and I woke up in the morning at about 6 to arrive at Barnes around 7:30 am to check in. We were pulling together last minute things when Craig's phone rang around 6:45 - apparently we were supposed to BE THERE by 6am and the surgery was supposed to START at 7:30! It is amazing how quickly you can move when you need to. My mom was going to meet us at the house at 7:00 and follow us to the hospital... so I called her and let her know what was up and we were on our way. We were at Barnes around 7:25 and whisked through the registration process and pre-testing (they wanted to get a urinalysis and a few blood tests) I had a UTI that was treated over the weekend that they wanted to check if that was still there. We were upstairs and I was in a gown and on the bed in pre-surgery by 7:45. Doctors came in and introduced themselves... nurses were sticking iv's in me and checking BP... it all went so fast! I was really just worried about saying "I love you" to my mom and sisters that were there before I went back..... Craig went to find them and got them back there on time. Gotta love that man!

It was time to head into surgery (about 8:00) and I got one last kiss from Craig. That is the last thing I remember... and if you ask me - that is not such a bad thing.

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